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28.11.2019 – Greener healthcare in Manchester: NHS Trust completes 25,000 positive sustainability and wellbeing actions

31.10.2019 – NTU staff engage in Green Rewards and donate £200 to charity

09.10.2019 – Jump universities complete 238,000 positive actions for sustainability and wellbeing in the last academic year

30.09.2019 – Nottingham Trent University extends JUMP behaviour change initiative to 30,000 students

30.07.2019 – Recycling by residents generates £6,000 for local charities through St Helens Recycling Rewards

23.07.2019 – 10,000 Positive actions and £100 raised for charity through innovative Anglia Ruskin University pilot initiative

22.05.2019 – University of Chichester’s Jump Awards celebrates its 5th year

21.05.2019 – Camden charities receive £5,000 through Council’s Recycling Rewards scheme

07.05.2019 – Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust becomes first NHS Trust to launch Green Rewards

26.04.2019 – Bexley residents donate £15,000 to local charities

01.04.2019 – #DoitforBexley litter pledges exceed 2,500

11.03.2019 – Bournemouth University employees donate to local charities through Green Rewards sustainability engagement programme

28.01.2019 – Global publisher Emerald launches ground-breaking programme across 18 countries to boost sustainability and wellbeing

15.03.2019 – University of Bristol launches behaviour change programme to tackle plastics, reduce carbon emissions and boost wellbeing among staff and students

06.02.2019 – Nottingham Trent University launches sustainability behaviour change programme for employees

Save your scraps and win a voucher! Council’s Food Waste Challenge rewards residents for reducing food waste

Local charities receive a share of £10,000 thanks to council’s green scheme

University of Winchester rolls out Jump sustainability and wellbeing programme to all employees 

Bexley Charities receive £15,000 from recycling residents

The University of Strathclyde launches Jump pilot to boost wellbeing and improve sustainability

Warwickshire Recycling Champion of the Year 2018 Crowned at Exciting Live Final

Epping Forest recycling scheme is a rewarding opportunity for residents and local businesses

Epping Forest District Council launches exciting new Food Waste Challange

Kingston kicks off food waste challenge for flats

Camden charities get £5,000 from council’s recycling rewards scheme

Warwickshire County Council to reward Bin Slimming residents for another year

Havering residents can spend or donate Green Points to charity, through Local Green Points Scheme

University of Bristol pilots behaviour change programme to tackle plastics, reduce carbon use and boost wellbeing

Myton Hospice receives £650 donation from Warwickshire County Council’s bin slimming challenge

Bournemouth University reduces plastic use on campus after rolling out Green Rewards behaviour change programme to all staff

Employee engagement programme generates impressive increase in sustainable and wellbeing behaviours at University of Strathclyde

Anglia Ruskin University launches pilot programme to engage staff in sustainability and wellbeing

Jump encourages over 216,000 sustainability and wellbeing actions at participating UK universities

Kingston charities receive £4,750 from Kingston Recycling Rewards Scheme

£1,750 donated to Epping Forest charities from Recycling Rewards residents 

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service launches employee engagement programme to boost sustainability and wellbeing 

University of Reading launches engagement programme for all employees

Residents donate £650 to Waltham Forest Charity charities through their recycling efforts

RBS tackles single-use plastic through global roll out of Jump sustainability programme

Door to Door Campaign Targets 10,000 Houses in West Norfolk

RBS wins Bank of the Year in Better Society Awards 2017 for Jump engagement programme

West Norfolk residents raise £3,000 for local charities with Recycling Rewards scheme

Local Green Points lines up 3 London Boroughs for its innovative new product, Food Waste Challenge 

Kingston Council launches new recycling rewards scheme to 15,000 flats

Local charities presented with £7,5000 from Hackney Recycling Rewards Scheme

University of Winchester to launch new sustainability and wellbeing behaviour change scheme

Winners Announced for West Norfolk Schools’ Recycling Comic Competition

Hammersmith charity gets cash boost from recycling scheme

Bournemouth University will roll out Jump programme to engage all 2,000 employees in positive environmental and health behaviours

London Borough of Havering launches Food Waste Challenge to all households

Local Charities receive £7,500 from London Green Points – Bexley

Recycling to be rewarded with new Epping Forest Recycling Rewards Scheme

Waltham Forest launches brand new Food Waste Challenge to tackle food waste in the Borough

Win a sumptuous staycation in Shakespeare’s England: the search for Warwickshire’s Recycling Champion of the Year

Camden charities bag £5,000 from recycling residents

The University of Strathclyde becomes first university in Scotland to adopt Jump

Jump records over 1 million positive actions

Jump (Green Rewards) donates over £75,000 to local charities

Havering’s recycling residents raise over £5,000 for local charities

Waste less, Win more – Brand new Food Waste Challenge is rewarding Torbay residents for wasting less food

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Bethany Fruen

Head of Communications

Bethany Fruen

Since joining Jump fresh out of university back in 2013 I’ve seen many changes in the way we communicate – both as a company and more widely within the sustainability industry. The current shift of sustainability to the mainstream is accelerating at a pace and it’s exciting to be part of this step change.  The insight I get from individual participants in our client programmes is invaluable as it helps me figure out the best way to get our messages across.

My team and I use digital communications to recognise individual and team success, providing information in a fun, meaningful way that encourages people to take action. It’s about creating a feedback loop where people see that their actions are having an impact and this is very powerful in creating positive change within an organisation.


Graham Simmonds

Chief Executive

Graham Simmonds

As CEO of Jump I lead a talented team of professionals committed to sustainability and wellness.  For much of my 35 year career I’ve been immersed in environmental issues, particularly how to engage people in practical action.  Previously I built Trees for Cities from start-up to a global, award-winning charity as its founding chief executive, and I loved developing new initiatives such as The Edible Playground and the Million Trees Campaign.  

In 2011 I set up Jump as I felt organisations large and small want to motivate action amongst their people around wellbeing and the planet, and a professional team dedicated to this purpose would help them accelerate their journey.  I’m also proud to chair the Reward Gateway Foundation which supports organisations and projects that address inequality and disadvantage, with the ultimate mission of making the world a better, fairer, safer and more equal place to work.