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Our engagement programmes are at the heart of what we do.

Looking for a way to engage your people. From dynamic start-ups, to multinational corporations, to universities - each programme we provide is tailored to suit our clients and help them achieve their wellbeing and sustainability targets.


Online Platforms

JUMP's online platform and companion app make it easy to engage.

With a range of customisations available, we build your platform for your people:

  • Choose from our behaviour changes modules, or develop your own.
  • Accessible from the office, at home or on the go.
  • Custom news feed to provide stories for - and about - your people.
  • Online portals accessible to all employees, regardless of location.
  • Fully branded to your organisation.
  • Customised your rewards and prizes.
  • Support your organisation's charity partners.
  • Regular communications keeps engagement high.

Effective Communications

Keeping people informed keeps them motivated

Employees need to be motivated by the impact they have. That's why we provide a suite of branded, digital communications which keeps them up-to-date.

Newsletters, eShots, tweets and an online newsfeed make sure your people are in the know.

  • Monthly newsletters with news, competitions and resources.
  • Branding to reflect the platform and your identity.
  • Provision of opportunities for feedback and suggestions.
  • A chance to highlight your key priorities.
  • Monitoring of engagement through open and click-through rates.
  • Additional communications sent out around key sustainability dates.


Reporting and Data

Easily monitor the impact of the programme 

Your people will be kept up-to-date on their progress through their personal dashboard, with select individuals being able to monitor the impact of the programme and the desired behaviour changes through the 24/7 Performance Management Dashboard.

  • Personal dashboard allowing your people to check their progress and their team's progress
  • Impact conversion rates set by independent Sustainability Advisory Panel
  • Performance Management Dashboard automatically updated with scheme stats, info and progress.
  • The programme and analysis will be built around your KPI's and targets
  • We hold regular meetings and conference to assess progress
  • A personal point of contact in your Engagement Manager