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Case Studies

Case Studies


JUMP was introduced to RBS staff in October 2015 as a new way to engage their staff in sustainability issues, helping the bank to meet their carbon reduction targets by 2020. A pilot project initially launched to staff in Bristol, the programme's successes have already seen it grow to other business areas.

JUMP University Case Study

JUMP is engaging thousands of people on campuses across the UK in sustainability and wellbeing activities. Click the link below to find out from some of our partners the impact JUMP is having in their universities and colleges.

Richmond Towers Communications

Richmond Towers Communications, the UK’s original PR agency, launched JUMP to staff in 2013 as a means to reward and recognise sustainable behaviour. Since then, JUMP has gone on to engage over 60% of staff at Richmond Towers and was shortlisted in the ‘Most Motivational Benefits’ category at the Employee Benefits Awards 2015.

Copper Consultancy

As the first company to implement a JUMP scheme, Copper Consultancy have always been at the forefront of developing the programme and helping to introduce new ideas. One of these took the form of a pilot with Transport for London to incentivise safer cycling behaviours amongst Copper' employees, with great results.