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JUMP & RBS co-present an Innovation Gateway case study at RWM Conference

Last week Michael Lynch from RBS and Graham Simmonds from the JUMP team presented the JUMP Employee Engagement Programme as a case study at the 2017 Recycling and Waste Management conference.
This year’s event was hosted in partnership with CIWM, at the NEC in Birmingham. The conference provided a platform for discussions and opportunities for collaboration to achieve a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Attendees included experts and key players from the waste, energy, recycling and water sectors.  

The presentation focused on how RBS saved 5% on energy bills through the JUMP Employee Engagement Programme, which generated increased colleague engagement in sustainable behaviours.
The talk was attended by an engaged audience, and listeners were given
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Looking towards a more efficient future: Team JUMP and RBS to speak at RWM Exhibition next week


The JUMP Employee Engagement Programme at RBS will be presented at the annual RWM exhibition next week. Michael Lynch from RBS and Graham Simmonds from the JUMP team, will be delivering a presentation on September 12th about the success of the programme, sourced through the Innovation Gateway.



The presentation, titled: ‘JUMP’ into action – how RBS saved 5% on its energy bills through colleague engagement, will discuss how JUMP’s flexible approach, innovative technology and engagement expertise was able to increase team building and motivation and save the bank 5% on its energy bills through colleague engagement.

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5 technology hacks to save energy and money in your office

Remember what the world looked like in the 1990s? People used printed maps to find their way around. Texts contained phrases like ‘gr8’ and ‘C U l8er’. The only way to hear your favourite music over and over again was to buy a CD. Computers were the size and shape of a beach ball and your mobile phone only had three uses: making calls, writing texts and playing Snake.

In just two decades technology has completely changed the way we go about our work and personal lives. And with more money being invested in sustainable technologies than ever before, it only take a few clicks to find technological innovations that could reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and increase your bottom line.

To inspire you, we’ve come up with some of our favourite, easy-to-implement innovations to make your office more sustainable.
1)      Smart printers
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Are we on the way to Armageddon? – What Earth Overshoot Day means for mankind

Last week you might have spotted a few articles on Earth Overshoot Day, or noticed the hashtag #movethedate trending on Twitter. So what’s it all about? Well it’s not quite Armageddon, but brace yourself for some hard-hitting statistics

Earth Overshoot Day is the day that our global population consumes more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate. This year it fell on August 2nd, a whole week earlier than last year.  

Before the 1970s, the Earth was able to renew all of its resources spent by humans every year. But this year we have already used up our allowance for water, soil, clean air and other resources on Earth for the whole of 2017. In just 7 months, we have emitted more carbon than forests and oceans can absorb in a year, caught more fish than can be naturally replenished, felled more trees than forests can sequester and consumed more water than the Earth was able to produce in a year. We are consuming our nature at a r
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The War on Plastics – how you can tackle plastic overuse in your workplace

Here’s an interesting, if slightly depressing fact: Every bit of plastic ever made still exists today. It’s a material that is made to last, but the majority of products made with plastic are only used once and then tossed in the bin without further thought. This consume, waste, replace culture is doing serious damage to our planet, as it turns out plastic takes at least 450 years to decompose. This month is Plastic Free July, so we’re here to let you know why you should seriously rethink your plastic consumption and give you some handy tips on how to get reducing, reusing and recycling and spread the word in your workplace.

Plastic is not so fantastic
This week new research from US scientists hit the headlines, revealing that by 2015 humans had produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, of which 6.3 billion tons has become waste. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The study also revealed that o
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Struggling to get your staff in the saddle? – Cycle Solutions has the answers

Encouraging your employees to cycle to work is a great way to keep staff healthy and productive while working towards your sustainability and wellbeing targets. And while your staff may be keen to give it a go, without a little guidance it’s likely they’ll be unsure where to start and fall into cycling misconceptions like ‘it’s too expensive to buy a bike’.

At JUMP, we’re experts in engaging employees in a range of sustainable behaviours in the workplace, including sustainable travel, energy saving and health and wellbeing. We’re here to reassure you that cycling to work can be easy, especially with excellent suppliers of the Cycle to Work Scheme, Cycle Solutions. Joining a Cycle to Work scheme could help you and your colleagues to crush excuses not to ride to work.

Why cycle?
Save cash
The average 7 mile commute by car
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Bring your dog to work day – the benefits of having a furry friend by your side in the office

Who let the dogs out?

This Friday 23rd June is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, providing the opportunity for pet lovers all over the UK to bring their canine friends to work with them. The day raises awareness for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. This year the charities being supported are All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I heard about the initiative, I started picturing all kinds of chaos – dogs chewing on project proposals, drooling on keyboards, play fighting during meetings and devouring the office snacks. But it turns out that the reality is far from it.

Not only are most office pets well behaved (sleeping for most of the day) – they are also a valuable asset to the office and greatly improve office wellbeing. In fact, pets in the workplace are proven to lift mood, lower stress and improve productivity.

 Why do do

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Why we went to a rave before work - and other outside the box wellbeing ideas

If you haven’t heard of the rise of the ‘conscious clubbing’ culture, it’s time to get your head around the idea of sober, early morning raves. Yes you heard us, these morning parties, coined as the ‘healthy way to enjoy a party without drugs or alcohol’ have been taking off in recent years. Morning Gloryville are just one team hosting early morning raves across London to wake you up before work – and when they came to our neck of the woods to celebrate their 4th Birthday we couldn’t resist.

While most of us were struggling to get out of bed last Thursday, a couple of members from the JUMP team joined over 1,000 other party goers at the Morning Gloryville birthday bash on a rooftop beach in Brixton.

We arrived at 7am and were perked up with glitter, coffee, healthy shakes and Rawsome vegan snacks. As we made our way onto the dancefloor (in this case a sandy beach) we found yoga classes, massage angels and a welcome te
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5 Ways to Improve Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing at Work

On average, we spend at least 50% of our waking hours at work. But are we really awake? A lot of us sit at our desks for so long that our body starts to shut itself off, leading to physical and emotional fatigue as well as the daily post-lunch battle to keep your eyelids open. The good news is we can take positive steps to try and counteract this tiredness!

Here are some daily actions that can contribute to a happier, more fulfilled work life:
Don’t sit still for too long
I had a teacher at school who, if she saw the slightest hint of a yawn, would make you stand up and do 10 star jumps in front of the whole class. As humiliating as this was, it actually worked. I would be more alert and focused for the rest of the class. NHS advice tells us that when you sit down for a long period of time, certain parts of your body start to shut down. Less blood and oxygen get to your brain, which leads to lower
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RBS shortlisted for prestigious BusinessGreen Leaders Award

This month we’re proud to announce that our JUMP scheme at RBS has been shortlisted for a BusinessGreen Leaders Award, in the Employee Engagement Campaign of the Year category. Following a successful pilot and roll out of JUMP across 1,700 workplace locations in the UK and Ireland, RBS have been recognised for their use of JUMP as a platform to engage employees in sustainable work place culture.
The JUMP behaviour change programme at RBS uses custom made, online modules to inform staff and reward them for implementing sustainable behaviours. Modules cover topics such as water saving, energy saving and sustainable travel. Since implementation at RBS, JUMP has led to a 5% average electricity reduction at pilot locations, 500,000 disposable cups being saved and RBS expects to save £3million in 2017 in energy alone. 
The BusinessGreen awards ceremony celebrates the considerable progress UK green businesses
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