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How to travel smart and reduce your carbon footprint without ditching your car

Transport accounts for around a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, so travelling sustainably is one of the most important things you do to cut down your carbon footprint.

Walking and cycling are the greenest options for commuting to work, with zero emissions associated to these forms of transport. But if you live far away from work and walking or cycling isn’t an option for you, there are still plenty of things you can do to make your journey in a car more energy efficient and less harmful to the planet.

Car sharing
You can cut the cost of your daily commute and your carbon footprint by car sharing. There are plenty of options for car sharing; from setting up an informal car share with your colleagues in the office to offering a lift on or joining Co-Wheels car club.
Inflate your tires, deflate your footprint
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What does a plastic-free life like look like?

If the latte levy got you ruffled enough to swap to a keep cup and the ban on microbeads made you think twice about the kinds of cosmetics you are using then you will know by now that it’s a challenge to lead a completely plastic-free life.
Here at Green Rewards, our philosophy is that the cumulative impact of individual actions can have a significant impact. Our engagement programmes have proven this to be the case. So if like many environmental groups, you think the Government’s 25 year environmental plan lacks the urgency to tackle the plastics problem, then there’s a lot you can do at an individual level to generate change.
Here are some day-to-day steps you can take to make plastic free life a little easier:
The Last Straw
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Green Rewards on the rise - Our top 5 highlights from 2017

Last year was a fantastic year for Green Rewards, with some truly outstanding achievements for our JUMP programme. We’re proud to share our highlights from 2017 with you below, and look forward to the exciting opportunities 2018 will bring.

1.       JUMP welcomes 3 new Universities

We started 2017 with the launch of a JUMP pilot at Bournemouth University to 450 employees. A year later, we are rolling out the programme to all 2,000 employees at the University and we’ve got 2 other new Universities also implementing the JUMP programme. Following a successful 4 month pilot from Sept –Dec 2017, the University of Winchester will also roll out the JUMP programme to all staff in January 2018. The University of Strathclyde has also joined our ranks, as the first Scottish university to launch JUMP, with a pilot rolling out to 250 employees in February 2018.
We’re thrilled by ...
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Ho ho hold on a minute! Read this before you tuck into your mince pies…

Christmas is finally here and we are all about to head out of the office to start our festivities! Before you do make sure you read our all-important tips for having a greener Christmas:

1.       Leaving the office
Before heading out of the office for your Christmas break today don't forget to do a final sweep of your office and switch off all electronic equipment. Turning computers and monitors off at night can save a whopping £35 a year per desk! So make sure you have systems in place to ensure no energy is wasted over the holiday period, like a last-one-out checklist, or signs to remind everyone to switch off.

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JUMP shortlisted for 6 Awards in 2017

It’s been a fantastic year for our JUMP programmes – with high engagement and successful results including an 8% average energy reduction across all client schemes and an average of 307,590 miles travelled sustainably.
We are delighted with the positive results that our programmes have achieved so far, proving their success in creating sustainable behaviour change. And with these high impact results, our programmes have been receiving recognition across the country, with 6 of our JUMP clients shortlisted for awards in 2017.
These include the BIFM Awards, the Better Society Awards, the Employee Benefits Awards, the Guardian University Awards, the Sustain Wales Awards and Edie’s Sustainability Leader’s Awards.  
Earlier this year, RBS won the prestigious ‘Bank of the Year’ in the Better Society Awards 2017, and ...
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Blue Planet II provides evidence of Global Warming to 14.1 million viewers

If you’ve been watching Blue Planet II you’re one of over 14.1 million viewers who have also been delighted by the scenes of polar bear cubs, giant glowing fish and surfing dolphins. Since its debut on the 29th October, the series has become the most-watched TV show of 2017 so far, beating Strictly Come Dancing and the X factor.

The series has not failed to disappoint, with scenes showing spectacular new research and discoveries about animal behaviour, including footage of underwater volcanoes erupting and ethereal marine species living 11km below sea level in ‘The Deep’. 
The series is narrated by David Attenborough and has moments of humour, endearing stories of survival and delivers a serious message about global warming. With much of the filming taking place in the Arctic, the struggles faced by species there reflect how dramatically the global climate is changing. ...
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Swansea University’s SWell Programme shortlisted for Edie’s Sustainability Leaders Awards

Our sustainability and wellbeing programme at Swansea University has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2018 Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards, in the Engagement and Behaviour change category.

The Edie awards celebrate sustainability excellence and innovation and we are thrilled that Swansea University’s programme has been recognised for its positive impact and achievements at the university.

The programme, named SWell, uses an innovative online platform and app to motivate employees to take part in sustainability and wellbeing activities. Through team work, friendly competition and rewards for participating teams and individuals, these sustainable steps become embedded in the university culture.

Since its introduction at the university just over a year ago, the SWell programme has seen over 23,000 kg of CO2 saved from employees travelling sustainably, a 19% reduction in carbon intensity, over 105,000 ...

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Wellbeing in the Workplace – how to make your employees feel happier and more fulfilled

This week we’re proud to be supporting world Mental Health Day!

We spend an average of 8.8 hours a day at work - for many of us it's much more than that - so it’s extremely important to think about how we can improve employee mental health and wellbeing in the office.



It may seem like a daunting topic, but there are actually a lot of simple and effective ways to promote better mental wellbeing for your employees both at work and outside the office.

One simple way to do this is to offer incentives for employees to take part in regular exercise, whether that’s cycling to work, walking on their lunch break or taking part in an exercise classes.
Evidence shows that just one or two hours’ exercise a week is an extremely effective mood booster and ...
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JUMP & RBS co-present an Innovation Gateway case study at RWM Conference

Last week Michael Lynch from RBS and Graham Simmonds from the JUMP team presented the JUMP Employee Engagement Programme as a case study at the 2017 Recycling and Waste Management conference.
This year’s event was hosted in partnership with CIWM, at the NEC in Birmingham. The conference provided a platform for discussions and opportunities for collaboration to achieve a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Attendees included experts and key players from the waste, energy, recycling and water sectors.  

The presentation focused on how RBS saved 5% on energy bills through the JUMP Employee Engagement Programme, which generated increased colleague engagement in sustainable behaviours.
The talk was attended by an engaged audience, and listeners were ...
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Looking towards a more efficient future: Team JUMP and RBS to speak at RWM Exhibition next week


The JUMP Employee Engagement Programme at RBS will be presented at the annual RWM exhibition next week. Michael Lynch from RBS and Graham Simmonds from the JUMP team, will be delivering a presentation on September 12th about the success of the programme, sourced through the Innovation Gateway.



The presentation, titled: ‘JUMP’ into action – how RBS saved 5% on its energy bills through colleague engagement, will discuss how JUMP’s flexible approach, innovative technology and engagement expertise was able to increase team building and motivation and save the bank 5% on its energy bills through colleague engagement.

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